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EMailaya  v.3.6.0

eMailaya Presents: The FeaturesEmail previewer? Email client? Email notifier?:eMailaya does it allMultiple accounts:eMailaya lets you handle multiple accounts easilyMain password protection:eMailaya can be password protectedTabbed emailing:Enjoy tab

MySecurityVault PRO  v.06.05.01

Securely manage and encrypt passwords, files, and other personal information with MySecurityVault PRO. Fill out Internet forms with the information securely stored in your vault and scan your computer for sensitive information to prevent identity

21 Flying Images  v.2.1

21 Flying Images is a handy tool which gives you the ability to float, fly, and shake an unlimited number of images (GIF, JPEG, DIB, BMP) with numerous effects, creating a personalized screensaver. Features include password protection, a message

BasicAuth BBEdit Plug-In  v.1.0

BasicAuth BBEdit Plug-In 1.0 offers a flexible program which makes it possible to set up website password protection (Apache Basic Authentication) with crypted passwords. Plugin also provides a simple .htaccess template for setting up authentication

BasicAuth BBEdit plugin  v.1.0

BasicAuth BBEdit plugin 1.0 is a powerful program that makes it quick and easy to set up website password protection (Apache Basic Authentication) with crypted passwords. Plugin also provides a simple .htaccess template for setting up authentication

Diary Defender  v.1.8

Diary Defender is a very popular and rock solid diary application, which has been around for almost 5 years now. It allows you to keep your diary securely on your computer, using password protection with DES encryption. Several people can keep their

Paradox Data Editor  v.2.4.0

This is viewer and editor for Paradox tables. It has password protection removing and fix & repair ability. It uses BDE. Built-in BLOB viewer, filtering and searching, column statistics and structure viewer are tools that covers most needed

Pd-Base  v.2.4

Description: This is a FREE address book program with a much nicer user interface than normal. This NEW Version 2.4 includes... [01] - CodeKeeper Screen (keep up with your passwords & codes)* Major Feature [02] - Password protection [03] - Click to

PhpCounterSmart  v.2.0

Very easy to install counter script, uses PHP & MySQL. It counts visits per day/month/year, referer, color depth, os, browser, screen resolution, top 10 days, last ips, whois information. blacklist (do not count your own ip...) password protection

SimpleNote  v.3.0

SimpleNote 3.0 offers you a simple and friendly note keeper. Easily store notes and view them under password protection! Count how many people want to know your secrets because every time the password is incorrec it counts it! With the easiest to use

URLX  v.1.1

URLX 1.1 is an advanced program which satisfies you with password protection.Major Features: Filtering data by categories.Full page to let you enter those long URL web address.Full page to let you enter extra notes.User changeable

Screen Dimmer for Mac OS  v.2.2

Screen Dimmer provides configurable opacity, fade-out time interval and optional password protection. - Leopard-compatible.

Secret Notes  v.1.0.1

Password protection and industry-grade encryption ensure, that no one will ever know what's on your mind. Secret Notes will offer users an easy and safe way for creating and storing thoughts or sensitive information.

Internet Firewall  v.1.0

An application for blocking unwanted websites and no access on the computer internet firewall is simple to use also comes with password protection. So your child will not have acces to websites that you have

AJAX/PHP Command Shell  v.1.0

An Ajax/PHP WebShell to command your webserver from any computer. Supports password-protection, very fast interface, never reload the page, history item of commands, easy custom-command adding, quick commands, tabs, upload function, file browser


Designed to use what is known about users via the /etc/passwd file on unix/linux systems to generate a dynamic dictionary or csv file of more accurate guesses as to what their possible password may be, to look for bad password protection

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